Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 2 Complete

Kate's week 2 in the harness
Kate's second week in the harness was way less emotional than her first...for everyone!  She was finished with her growth spurt (the REAL cause of her week-long bad mood) and was back to smiling.  We became more accustomed to the harness.  It's slowly becoming the "new normal" other experienced harness parents told us it would.  Kate is now moving her right AND left legs in the harness...kicking as much as it'll let her.  Diaper changes are quicker.  I don't even remember what it's like for Kate to wear anything other than a dress.  Her harness has softened up so snuggling is a lot easier.  All things considered, it's going well.  The sponge baths still suck...but more on that later. :)  She turned 3 months old during the past week!

First trip to Georgia
Although we consider Georgia home, Kate was born in Florida!  Brian and I were excited to take her across the state line for the first time to see one set of grandparents' (my parents') new house in Broxton, (pretty much Douglas) Georgia.  It was the first time my side of the family had seen her since she got her harness, so they had to go through the awkward "how to hold her" phase.  It really didn't last long at all though!  These are just a few snap shots of the trip.  I'm realizing Brian is behind the camera way too much.  We need more daddy-daughter shots!

Kate's ultrasound and doctor's visit
Kate had to get another ultrasound before her doctor's appointment this week.  She still didn't love the ultrasound, but it wasn't quite the scream fest that it was last week.  We were a little bummed the ultrasound didn't require removing the harness, so we didn't get to see her stretch.  However, the ultrasound tech was phenomenal.  Brian and I really can't say enough about the pediatric radiology department at Florida Hospital.  They do a great job of putting the parents at ease, are very patient and understanding of feedings/diaper changes/spitting up/other baby needs, and are so tender and caring with the children.  She told us that she wasn't able to get Kate's hip to move in the socket even as much as last week's tech did.  That's good news!  That means the ligaments are on their way to tightening.

When she actually saw Dr. Woo, he seemed happy with her progress.  He told us that she shouldn't need a cast and "most likely" won't need surgery.  I'd much rather him say Kate "definitely" won't need surgery, but right now I'll take what I can get!  He now only needs to see us every two we go back Thursday, September 26th, which is perfect since we have friends coming into town next week.  He said that if we "must," we can take her legs out of her brace to wipe them down if we "police" that left leg/hip.  Brian talked him into telling us that we could give her the "occasional" real bath as long as we keep her left hip flexed.  Um...that's easier said that done!  Ha.  However, we're thinking of trying tonight, so maybe I'll have a picture next time!  We discussed baby "toys" and if she had any limitations.  She doesn' long as her legs stay flexed and separated!  Her Gigi bought her an exersaucer at a consignment sale this past weekend, so we're excited to let her play in that.  The bumbo isn't perfect...I wish the leg holes were a little wider!  However, I think it's ok for short periods of time.  Here she is sitting in it today for the first time with her harness on!

Looking forward
When we see Dr. Woo again in 2 weeks, we're hoping to have the back leg straps cut off the harness.  That's what he wants to do if she's progressed!  That will give her a little more range of motion with her legs.  She was rolling on her sides before she got her harness on, so I'm hoping her "rolling" efforts will continue if he'll cut those back straps off.  Then after her 6th week, he said we may get a brace that's just the bottom half of her body!  We'll see.  Don't want to get ahead of ourselves. :)  Our hopes are that she'll be done with this sucker by Christmas.  Her doctor believes it's possible!  

Your continued prayers are always appreciated.  We give all the praise for her progress to God.  He is certainly answering our prayers.  Our baby girl is happy and healthy.  This is nothing but a little bump in the road!

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