Friday, September 27, 2013

Week 4 Complete

Kate's 3rd and 4th weeks in her harness
Kate's third and fourth weeks in her harness were big ones!  She has been able to bathe (very carefully) without her harness in her whale tub!  The harness seriously doesn't bother Kate at all.  She's 100% used to it.  Her reflux is much, much more her issue.  Just today she had her meds switched and started a priobiotic in hopes of giving her some relief.  It's had her hurting and so fussy!
Kate's first real bath since getting her harness!

Kate also had several firsts over the last couple weeks!  She met another baby up close and personal for the first time (as well as the baby's parents who happen to be some of our best friends), had her first Disney experience, and visited the beach for the first time!

Kate (3 mos.) and Kinney (7 mos.)

Kate goes to Disney!

Kate at the beach

We had planned a beach trip before Kate was put into her harness, and I knew it'd be an emotional struggle for us to take her to the beach for the first time without being able to put her in the sand and ocean.  And to be completely honest, it did make me sad, but more than was just difficult.  I don't recommend taking a baby to the beach that can't get wet!  We had to hold her--keeping her dry--under the umbrella the whole time.  But still, I felt very strongly that I wanted us to still go on our trip as planned even though it was hard.  I didn't want her harness to stop life from happening and stop memories from being made...and it didn't!  We had a blast with our friends and I'll always remember her first beach trip...and this cute little inflatable duck she borrowed from her baby friend, Kinney! :)

Kate's 4 week doctor's visit
Luckily, we didn't have to get another ultrasound this week.  We were able to go straight to see Dr. Woo once we got to Orlando yesterday.  Long story short, Kate's hip is still doing well...still in socket.  Since he was happy with it, it was time to move forward.  He wrote us a prescription for a new brace that's supposed to be "less trouble" and give her more freedom with her leg.  But unfortunately, the medical supply business didn't have it in stock.  So, he wrote another prescription for a brace that was only supposed to go on the bottom part of her body.  The catch is though...the fall back brace wouldn't allow her to move her hips at all.  When I realized the new brace totally immobilized her legs, I was very upset.  Kate just loves, loves to move and kick her legs.  The thought of her having even less freedom with them just so it would be "less trouble" for us was heartbreaking to me.  So, I talked him into letting us just cut off the back straps of her harness as originally planned.  Kate's loving having those back straps off!  She's back to rolling on her sides, and diaper changes are SO easy now.

Happy girl waiting to see Dr. Woo!

Mama-daughter accidental matching at the doctor's office!

Looking forward
We don't have to see Dr. Woo again for a whole month...yay!  We go back October 29th for an x-ray and doctor's visit.  If Dr. Woo is happy with the x-ray, there's a possibility Kate will only have to sleep in a new brace...the one that only goes on the bottom half of her body.  Praise the Lord!  Please be in prayer that her x-ray shows good news.  I've already bought her a couple of outfits that include pants in hopes she'll be able to wear them.  It's funny; I used to hate pants because they made diaper changes a pain, but now I want her to wear them just because she can! :)

**On a completely unrelated side note, Kate was diagnosed with torticollis today.  She starts physical therapy to stretch her neck muscles soon.  Please include this in your prayers as well as it's just "one more thing" for sweet girl to have to deal with.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!  :)

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